KUZEFUKU Enoki Mushrooms in Savory Umami Sauce | Suzuki Farm Select | 8.4oz

0.99 lb

Try Kuzefuku's Enoki Mushrooms in Savory Umami Sauce to discover the new taste of Japan! Enoki mushrooms, known as "velvet shank" or commonly nicknamed "Skinny Mushrooms" is a popular ingredient in Japan for its unique and crisp texture and delicious flavoring.

Richly used in this product, it is an excellent, all-purpose topping for rice, pizza, pasta, or any of your favorite dishes.

Enjoy the traditional taste of Japan in your recipes.

INGREDIENTS: Enoki Mushrooms, Gluten-free Soy Sauce (soybeans, salt, alcohol), Water, Sugar (sugar beet root), Mirin (sticky rice, malted rice, brewed alcohol, sugar), Salt, Yeast Extract (dextrin), Lactic Acid (sodium lactate), Citric Acid, Gluconic acid (corn syrup), Dried Bonito Powder, Agar, Kombu Kelp Powder (salt), Yeast Extract, Vitamin C (I-ascorbic acid), Shiitake Mushroom Powder

CONTAINS: Soybeans, Fish (bonito)