About Us

Established in 1983 in Delmar, Delaware, Suzuki Farm is the only Japanese vegetable producer on the East Coast. Each season, a variety of Japanese vegetables grow in the 28 acre land. Suzuki Farm harvests more than 30 kinds of vegetables throughout the year. We are one of the few farms owned by Japanese farmers in America.


Delivering fresh and delicious vegetables

Our focus is the freshness of our vegetables. We harvest, package and ship the vegetables on the same day so we can deliver to you in the shortest amount of time. We carefully select popular varieties of vegetable seeds from Japan. 
We utilize Japanese farm equipment as much as we can and grow vegetables with much attention, effort and time.


Peace of mind

The vegetable seeds we purchase from Japan are required to go through quarantine inspections. To pass the quarantine inspection, seeds have to be disinfected. That’s why our vegetables are not certified organic. However, we do not use any pesticides during the process of growing the vegetables. For pest control, we use plant-based products such as plant extract from Chinese chives, Japanese parsley, Japanese mugwort, green onion, pickled scallion, and more, as well as pyroligneous acid, and certified disinfectant.

About Japanese vegetables

UNESCO designated “washoku” an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013.

Washoku (or Japanese cuisine) is low in animal fats and considered to be healthy and well balanced. Washoku’s umami component makes a low sodium and low-calorie diet possible. It is said that washoku contributes greatly to Japanese people’s longevity and weight loss.

Washoku is unique because it “brings out the flavor of foods ingredients” and “reflects the beauty of nature and the changing season on the dinner table.” Japanese vegetables play an important role in Japanese cuisine.