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Negi Confit with Mustard Vinaigrette and a Porched Egg

A Japanese twist to a classic French dish!

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Negi and Turnip Galette

Transform Tokyo negi and Kabu turnip into a delicious French galette!

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Chard Negi with Mexican Corn Salsa

Tokyo negi meets Mexican corn salsa!! 

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This is so delicious; you must try!!!


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3 Japanese Cucumber Recipes - Cocktail / Ceviche / Chicken Salad

Fun and delicious way to enjoy Japanese cucumber!

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Komatsuna Nibitashi

 A quick and easy recipe with komtasuna and aburaage (a type of deep-fried tofu).
This will be a great side dish to include in your washoku dinner.

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Tonjiru - Satoimo

 Tonjiru is one of Japanese comfort food. The recipe calls for many varieties
of vegetables including
satoimo, gobo, Tokyo negi, and ginger

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Yaki Imo

 You can make everyone’s favorite “Yaki Imo” at home!
All you need is
satsumaimo, wet paper towel and aluminum foil. Enjoy!

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Tororo Soba

This is a great recipe for those who want to try nagaimo (Japanese yam)!
The video shows you how to make dashi broth as well.


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Potato and Negi Gratin

This “East-Meets-West” dish is a great one if you have not tried Tokyo negi before!

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Kinpira Gobo

The basic Kinpira Gobo calls for gobo and carrots, but feel free to add
different root vegetables or sliced meat to make your own Kinpira Gobo!

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