Tokyo NEGI (Long Green Onion) | Suzuki Farm | 1 bunch

0.8 lb

Tokyo negi, or Welsh onion, has a thicker stem with a larger amount of white compared to the green onions typically sold in America. The green leaves are hollow inside and crisp if consumed raw. The inside of the white part is dense, which gives it the firm texture. 

To prep, Tokyo negi should be rinsed well with the roots cut off. The white stem becomes softer and sweeter when cooked. If you like to use Tokyo negi as condiments, chop finely and put it in water to remove the bitterness. (Note: this process is not necessary if cooked on heat.)

In Japan, farmers use automated farm equipment to cover the Tokyo negi’s roots with soil. At Suzuki Farm, however, we manually cover the roots with soil one by one so our Tokyo negi has a longer amount of white stem. What is special about Tokyo negi that is grown in the East coast is that it tastes much sweeter during winter, typically from October to March.