Manganji Pepper | Suzuki Farm | 0.35lb

0.35 lb

MANGANJI Sweet Chili Pepper is a delicious and savory pepper that is well-known as a summer vegetable from Kyoto. However, its history is not as long as that of other vegetables such as "KAMO Eggplant" and "MIZUNA Leaves." This variety was bred in the early 1900s and is a hybrid variety that combines Kyoto's traditional variety with an American variety. The pepper gets its name from MANGANJI Temple in Maizuru city, Kyoto, where it was bred and grown.

The MANGANJI Sweet Chili Pepper can grow up to six inches long and has a tapered, slightly curved pod. The flesh is thick, soft, and sweet. Sometimes, the fruit skin will turn partly dark purple to black to protect itself from the sun, but don't worry as this is due to phytochemicals like anthocyanin. After heating, the skin will turn a beautiful dark green, and once it matures, it will turn a vibrant red and become even sweeter and softer, like the PEAMAN bell pepper.

To enjoy the sweet flavor of the MANGANJI pepper, you can roast or deep-fry it. In traditional Kyoto home cooking (called "Obanzai"), it is often stewed, stir-fried, or used for stuffed peppers. However, if you've never tried MANGANJI Sweet Chili Pepper, we recommend grilling it first. Simply bake it in a frying pan without using oil until the surface is lightly charred, and add sea salt and black pepper for an amazing flavor.

At Suzuki Farm, we grow MANGANJI Sweet Chili Peppers from June to October. While it's not yet a widely known or familiar vegetable, we hope you'll enjoy experimenting with different peppers in your cooking, including the delicious MANGANJI Sweet Chili Pepper.