Seasonal Trial Set (Monthly assortment) | Suzuki Farm | 5 items

5.0 lb

Our “Seasonal Trial Set" or Monthly Assortment is a product where we select a set of vegetables that are frequently used and assemble them monthly. The vegetables change with the seasons, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy them. 

  • Sweet Cabbage 1 pc 
  • DAIKON Radish 1 pc 
  • Kyuri (Japanese Cucumber) 3 pc bag
  • KOMATSUNA greens 1 bunch 
  • MIZUNA mustard 1 bunch 

*The contents of the vegetable set are as follows. We also announce the contents at the beginning of each month on our Facebook and Instagram, so please check there for the latest information. Please note that the contents of the set may change without prior notice due to weather conditions or other circumstances.