Send us your photo and enter to win a Suzuki Farm Trial Set!

Photo Showcase Sweepstakes!

We invite you to celebrate the vibrant journey from our fields to your garden and kitchen. Capture the essence of Suzuki Farm by sharing photos of the seedlings you've purchased and how they're growing, the fresh vegetables you've received, or the delightful dishes you've crafted with our produce. We would especially appreciate photos of the seedlings you are nurturing and watching grow!

In gratitude for your participation, we'll be selecting ten lucky sweepstakes winners, each receiving a Suzuki Farm Trial Set worth over $20! Embrace the flavors, colors, and stories that unfold as we come together to honor the heart of Suzuki Farm. Cheers to a bountiful harvest and the artistry of your garden and kitchen!

 How to Enter

Capture the Essence: Take a photograph showcasing Suzuki Farm's vibrant vegetables you have grown from our seedlings, the fresh vegetables you've received, or the dishes you've prepared using our produce.
Email Submission: Send your photo to between July 8 and August 31, 2024. Don't forget to include your name, state of residence, and email address.
By submitting your photo entry, you agree to let Suzuki Farm showcase your culinary masterpiece on our newsletters, website, and social media channels, all in the spirit of celebrating your talent and our produce. Plus, get ready for a weekly dose of inspiration as you'll be subscribed to our newsletters. 

If you prefer not to have your photo published, simply let us know in your submission. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time using the provided option in each email. 

For more details about the sweepstakes, please visit the official rules page.

From Seedlings to Dishes: Share Your Suzuki Farm Veggies and Culinary Creations!

Photos from our customers: grown from our seedlings, received produce, and prepared dishes