Shishito Pepper | Suzuki Farm | 0.35lb

0.5 lb

Shishito, or shishito peppers, are smaller than green bell peppers and have a mild flavor. These easy-to-cook peppers are hardly spicy, despite the name.

“Shishi” means “Chinese Guardian Lion” in Japanese. It is said to have been named “shishito” because the end of a shishito pepper looked like the head of the guardian lion. In Europe and America, it is called “shishito” as well as “wrinkled old man.”

Although the majority of shishito is mild, you may come across spicy ones. The reason why some turn to be spicy is still unknown. The most compelling theory is that certain climate conditions such as the dry air and temperature affect shishito’s growth. Another theory is that they become spicy when harvested later than usual.

When you grow shishito in your garden, it may be best to water often so you can provide stress-free environment for the crops.