Nasu (Japanese Eggplant) | Suzuki Farm | 3 pc

1.0 lb
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Eggplant is said to be native to India and introduced to Japan during the Nara Period (710-794). Before, it was “Nasubi'' which is still a familiar name in some regions. (As an aside, have you ever wondered why it is called an “eggplant”? In Southeast Asia, which is believed to be the place of origin of eggplant, egg-shaped white or green eggplants are commonly available. Hence, it is “eggplant” in English.)

Nasu has a very mild flavor and pairs well with oil. It absorbs oil and flavor to its flesh wonderfully and transforms into a smooth texture when cooked. In Japan, it is used for tempura and ohitashi (boiled eggplant with dressing).

There are a variety of shapes and colors of nasu. At Suzuki Farm, we offer 3 kinds of eggplants; nasu, mizu nasu and kamo nasu. 

Approx weight of Nasu 3 pc is 0.7 lb