Green SHISO Leaf (OHBA, Perila) | Suzuki Farm | 10 pc x 2 bundle

0.5 lb

An essential oil composition called perillaldehyde gives shiso leaves its well-known refreshing aroma. Shiso leaves are said to increase one’s appetite, metabolism and perspiration. It is also considered to have a preservative function. In Japan, raw shiso leaves are often used as condiments to enjoy the distinct aroma.

Shiso leaves tend to spoil easily. For a longer shelf life, wrap them in a damp paper towel and put them in a plastic bag. If you wrap each leaf individually, they will last even longer. You can also wet shiso leaves lightly and put them directly in a plastic bag, then store them in a vegetable compartment in your fridge. 

Get these hard-to-find fresh shiso leaves at Suzuki Farm! Each pack comes with 20 shiso leaves.