Pickled radish (TAKUAN) | Suzuki Farm Select | 1 piece

0.36 lb

Takuan is one of the most popular tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables).  It is bright yellow in color, mildly sweet, tangy and very crunchy.  Most often takuan is eaten as a snack or as one of many side dishes eaten alongside a main meal.  It is also found in sushi rolls like oshinko-maki which is sushi rice rolled with takuan and wrapped with seaweed. In Korean, it’s called danmuji and is a necessary ingredient for making kimbap (Korean sushi rolls).

Feature of this product

Tokusen Ippon

(1) Uses Miyazaki grown sun dried radish.
(2) Moderate crunchy texture using M-sized row materials(160g-230g).
(3) Pickled with low salt (4.3%) in the refridgerator, finished up the taste that make the best use of
row material.
(4) Preservative, coloring are not contained.