NASU Eggplant | Suzuki Farm | 3 pc

0.75 lb

The Japanese Eggplant, known as NASU, has a soft, tender, and melty flesh with black to dark purple skin. Compared to other eggplant varieties, it is not very big in size. It has a mild flavor that pairs well with oil, which it absorbs and retains wonderfully, transforming into a smooth texture when cooked. In Japan, it is commonly used for "Tempura" and "Ohitashi" (boiled eggplant with dressing).

Eggplant is said to be native to India and was introduced to Japan during the Nara Period (710-794), where it developed into unique varieties over time. In some regions, it is still referred to as "Nasubi." As an aside, have you ever wondered why it is called an "eggplant"? In Southeast Asia, where eggplant is believed to have originated, egg-shaped white or green eggplants are commonly available, hence the name "eggplant" in English.

At Suzuki Farm, we offer three types of eggplants, with NASU being the most popular and a common variety of Japanese eggplant. We mostly grow NASU Eggplant from June to September, as this variety loves hot weather and sunshine, producing a lot of fruit until early fall. To ensure longevity until the late season, pruning and trimming are key factors, and we select only one fruit per branch to avoid tiring out the eggplant tree in its early stage. Mr. Suzuki, our farm founder, always says, "Eggplant is one of the most challenging produce items, and you are a good farmer if you can grow it well."

Approx weight of Nasu 3 pc is 0.7 lb