MIZU Eggplant | Suzuki Farm | 3 pc

0.8 lb

MIZU Eggplant is a regional variety grown in the Osaka area, known as "Senshu" during the Edo era. People in Osaka have been enjoying this eggplant for over 400 years, and its sweetness is one of its most distinctive features, making it delicious even when eaten raw. With its thin skin and higher water content, MIZU Eggplant has a unique texture and subtle sweetness. In Japan, it is often served raw in salads or lightly pickled. Its shape resembles that of a light bulb or pear, and its skin color ranges from black to dark purple.

At Suzuki Farm, we pay close attention to each MIZU Eggplant plant, as it is prone to scratches from its own leaves and thorns. 

Approx weight of Mizu nasu 3 pc is 0.8 lb