MITSUBA Leaves (Japanese Parsley) | Suzuki Farm | 1 bunch

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MITSUBA is a member of the same family as parsley in the States and its leaves are used as an herb in Japan. The name MITSUBA comes from the way the leaves are divided into three parts, as "MITSU" means "three" and "Ba" means "leaves" in Japanese. Add MITSUBA to your MISO soup or clear soup to instantly add a vibrant color! It is a must-have herb to take your home cooking to the next level. Many think MITSUBA leaves represent a spring aroma. It is an indispensable herb in Japanese cuisine.

MITSUBA is a perennial plant. It grows 12” to 20” tall, and the leaves are oval and tapered to a point. The compound leaves are alternate and consist of three leaflets. The leaf margins have serrated double serrations. The flowering season is summer, and the flower stalks stretch out to bloom small white flowers consisting of 5 petals. After flowering, it bears oval fruit.

At Suzuki Farm, MITSUBA is a seasonal crop in spring, it is cultivated all year round due to higher demand in winter. Therefore, we sow more seeds in early autumn and grow them in greenhouses so that they can be shipped from the end of the year to March. We harvest them without cutting the roots, bundled, and delivered to everyone.