KUZEFUKU Green Onion Miso Rice Topping | Suzuki Farm Select | 8.9oz *** Best Before 08/02/2024

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Kuzefuku's Green Onion Miso Rice Topping is a traditional, authentic topping made from miso and Kujo leeks reminiscent of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Best enjoyed atop rice; however, when garnished with dishes such as steak, tofu or used as a vegetable dip, it gives new excitement to dishes you already know of.

Enjoy a new taste of Japan that you have never tried before.

Kuzefuku's Green Onion Miso Rice Topping is a popular product in Japan under the well-known and respected brand Kuze Fuku & Co. This brand has been rising in popularity in Japan since its launch in 2013, and features thousands of unique and authentic gourmet foods and drinks crafted by regional producers spanning from the vast northern farmland of Hokkaido to the tropical islands of Okinawa.

INGREDIENTS: Miso (soybeans, rice, salt, alcohol), Kujo Green Onions, Japanese Leeks, Corn-Potato-Sweet Potato Syrup, Beet Sugar, Water, Sweet Cooking Sake (glutinous rice, rice, koji rice, alcohol, glucose, corn and potato syrup), Hydrolyzed Wheat-Corn Gluten Protein (salt, xanthan gum), Lactic Acid (sodium lactate), Phytic Acid, Gluconic Acid (corn syrup), Agar, Yeast Extract (dextrin), Chili Pepper