KURO NINNIKU (Aged Black Garlic) | Suzuki Farm Select | 1 pack

0.45 lb

Black garlic in cups is convenient for storage. It is also useful for cooking.

Unevenly shaped black garlic is delivered in a plastic cup for convenient storage. There is no need to worry about the soft black garlic being crushed. Black garlic is very useful in various dishes such as making dressings and sauces. Adding chopped black garlic to curry or Chinese dishes will make your usual dishes more flavorful and a little more fruity! You can broaden the range of your cooking with your ideas.

You can enjoy the taste of high quality black garlic at a reasonable price.

The moderate-sized black garlic is easy to eat and full of rich aroma. You can enjoy it as if it were a fruit.

(Product Information)

Ingredients: Garlic (Aomori Prefecture)

Content: 6.5oz

Storage Method: Keep in a cool, dark place and avoid high temperature and humidity.

A piece a day is the source of energy. Oirase black garlic from Kashiwazaki Grocery.

This black garlic is made from garlic produced in Aomori Prefecture, which boasts the highest quality and production volume, and is slowly matured using a proprietary method.

By maturing the raw garlic over time, the distinctive smell is reduced, and the garlic is transformed into sweet, fruity, richly flavored black garlic. Compared to raw garlic, Oirase black garlic contains about six times more polyphenols. Analysis results have proven that other health components such as various amino acids are also increased. No chemical or food additives are used.

We recommend this product to those who feel tired easily, want to stay healthy and young, or want to take care of their health.

Peel the black garlic and take 1 to 2 pieces daily.

Oirase black garlic from Aomori Prefecture is safe, secure, and of high quality, and supports daily health and the development of a body that will not be defeated by age.