Japanese Dried Shiitake DONKO | Suzuki Farm Select | 1 pack (0.15 lb)

0.15 lb

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  • Thick and meaty, dome-shaped cap. This shiitake mushroom is called “Donko”(dōnggū) and is picked when budding, so it is meatier than Koshin, bite-size, 25-42mm. For the most delicious to eat, please soak in cold water for 24 hours in the fridge. To reduce soaking time, take out the Shiitake one hour after you started soaking the mushrooms, chop into half or small pieces, and soak for another hour and then use as needed.
  • Forest-grown Shiitake Mushrooms naturally cultivated outdoors on special sweet sap oak logs. Grown by local farmers on Kyushu, a Southern island of Japan.
  • Japanese famous chef, Dr. Yukio Hattori, chose our Shiitake for his traditional Japanese New Year foods "Osechi." He is known as an expert commentator on the Japanese television show "Iron Chef." And his cooking school recommends our Shiitake and allow us to use his face on our products.
  • We enclose a recipe sheet in our Shiitake, which links to cooking movies.
  • By grating Dried Shiitake into a simple powder and adding it to any of your cooking brings out the Umami power of Guanylate. By just adding a little Shiitake powder will bring out the Umami of any of your cooking without adding a strong Shiitake flavor.