Kyuri (Japanese Cucumber) | Suzuki Farm | 3 pc

0.6 lb

The Japanese cucumber, known as KYURI, is delightfully crispy and pairs well with salads or pickles. It is harvested at an early stage, resulting in a thinner and shorter fruit compared to the local variety. A significant benefit is the absence of seeds since they have not yet developed, making it seedless. Furthermore, it has less bitterness, so there's no need to peel it, and it is burpless.

Eating cucumbers during summer helps prevent heat stroke due to their high water content, which helps cool down your body. Additionally, they are an excellent vegetable to consume when experiencing heat fatigue and have lost your appetite, as they can help prevent dehydration.

At Suzuki Farm, we harvest KYURI Cucumber mostly between May and September. It is an annual vine plant that grows quickly, with vines reaching over 6' tall on supporting frames. The hairy vines have several pointed lobes, and the leaves grow alternately on them. Each plant can be harvested for 8-10 weeks. Don't miss out on trying our KYURI Cucumber this season!