PEAMAN Bellpepper | Suzuki Farm | 5pc

0.35 lb

There are many types of Capsicum available, including various colored bell peppers and chili peppers, which can be found in most supermarkets. PEAMAN Bell Pepper is a unique variety that is harvested while still green and immature, and it removes the spiciness found in other chili peppers, leaving behind a distinct bitterness and aroma.

Children tend to dislike green bell peppers because of their strong, pungent flavor. However, these dark green vegetables are incredibly rich in vitamins, which can help prevent heat fatigue, increase energy, and improve blood circulation. Adding green bell peppers to your meals can keep your blood vessels clean and open.

Green PEAMAN is usually harvested about 40 days after flowering when they are relatively young, while red PEAMAN takes around 70 days after flowering as they require more time to ripen. The red variety is richer in vitamins than the green one, and has a slightly sweet taste with less bitterness due to its maturity. Both green and red PEAMAN can be used in various dishes, such as stir-fries with shredded beef or stuffed bell peppers.

Suzuki Farm grows PEAMAN Bell Pepper from June to October, and the red PEAMAN variety is harvested in August.