Thank You for Sharing Your Suzuki Farm Journey!
Photo by Ariana from New York

A Canvas of Flavor: Your Suzuki Farm-Inspired Photo Collection

A big thank you to all who shared their snapshots of life with us! Your photo submissions have truly brightened our day. While we'd love to showcase every single one, we've randomly selected photos to highlight the diverse experiences and creativity that make our community shine. Your participation is what made this showcase special! Let's celebrate our Suzuki Farm journey together through your lenses. Cheers to the colorful moments captured and the joy they bring to us all!
Ayumi from Maryland
NASU eggplant wrapped with sliced pork and OHBA miso (chopped ohba cooked in miso) KOMATSUNA nibitashi with dashi broth
Chikako from New York
Duck with TOKYO NEGI and peppers, KOMATSUNA with sesame sauce, fried burdock with carrots, pickled YUZU DAIKON and KOMATSUNA & DAIKON miso soup
Ashley from Delaware
Stuffed KABU turnips with miso and served with their greens (sautéed) and umeboshi rice 
Noriko from New York
Baked polenta with NASU eggplant and PEAMAN green pepper
Ariana from New York
KOMATSUNA goma-ae, KABOCHA, and KABU turnip tonjiru

Christy from Massachusetts
Salad with MIZUNA, steamed MUKAGO, Salad GOBO, KABU turnip, DAIKON, KONEGI, sweet red MANGANGI peppers, cherry tomatoes, and soy-glazed tofu 
Joanna from Connecticut
KABOCHA pumpkin spice mousse with KABOCHA sponge cake

Noe from Pennsylvania
NIGAURI grown from Suzuki Farm Seedlings
Bailey from Pennsylvania
KABOCHA curry with sweet potato and chestnut rice
Grace from Pennsylvania
PEAMAN Bell Peppers grown from Suzuki Farm Seedlings

Sylvia from Michigan
NIGAURI stuffed with pork hash in black bean sauce
Yuko from Maryland
HAKUSAI Napa Kimchi
Mac from Vermont
Azuki miso-marinated salmon with sesame, KABU Turnip Greens and SHISO Garnish
Terrence from Maryland 
Ramen with pork, dumplings, hot oil, and lots of veg: cilantro and HORENSO Spinach, KOMATSUNA, HAKUSAI Napa Cabbage, and NIRA Garlic Chives

Samantha from Delaware
Suzuki Farm Vegetable Order