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Musk Melon


Musk Melon is considered the most premium fruit in Japan. It is the epitome of perfection, combining delicious taste, aroma, and a beautiful net-like pattern. For most people, Musk Melon is a precious fruit that is typically reserved for special occasions like celebrations or as a get-well gift. In Japan’s largest wholesale fruit market, there is a dedicated section for Musk Melon throughout the year, signifying its pinnacle status among Japanese fruits.

However, Musk Melons sold in stores are not usually meant to be eaten immediately. The ripe melons have soft flesh, which can overripen quickly if left in a warm place. Therefore, it is said that the best way to eat them is to buy them a few days before peak ripeness and then, once the bottom part called “stylar scar” becomes slightly soft, chill them in the refrigerator for a few hours before eating.

At Suzuki Farm, Mr. Suzuki has been utilizing all his 40 years of farming experience and skills to start trial cultivation since 2023. Although the perfect product is still a long way to go, we are gradually working towards creating the highest quality that will satisfy everyone.

SUIKA Watermelon


SUIKA, translated as watermelon, has undergone significant evolution in the pursuit of deliciousness. Its standout feature is its flesh, boasting a moderate sweetness that extends close to the rind. With a thinner rind compared to other varieties, SUIKA offers more edible flesh. Cultivating SUIKA requires meticulous soil preparation and vine pruning to maximize its varietal characteristics, as extensive cultivation does not yield tasty fruits.

At Suzuki Farm, we cultivate a unique and convenient variety of SUIKA. Our small-sized variety easily fits into household refrigerators and features very small, almost unnoticeable seeds. While seedless watermelons are an option, they often lack flavor due to the absence of seeds. To address this, our seed supplier has minimized seed size without compromising taste. In fact, the seeds are so small that they can be consumed along with the flesh.

Since initiating trial production in 2022, we have primarily supplied local food stores with our SUIKA during July and August. Due to their fragile nature, we currently do not offer them on our online store. However, we are continuously working to enhance quality. Each year, our goal is to deliver the most delicious SUIKA that will leave everyone impressed.