Customer Reviews


The package arrived around 10:30am as usual. Thank you for the bonus daikon radish and the frozen bottle of water. The daikon leaves look delicious and the daikon is nice and smooth. Mabiki ninjin (thinned carrot) is looking more like Kintoki ninjin (kintoki carrot) now.

I made tempura last week for the first time in a while. The tempura with mabiki ninjin leaves was so good. It is fun to watch the ninjin leaves opening up beautifully in the tempura oil. The freshly made nasu eggplant tempura with grated ginger and soy sauce is a such a treat. I also enjoyed ninjin, okra and green pepper tempura, thanks to the amazing power of Suzuki Farm vegetables.

This morning, I had some pickled mizu nasu eggplant which was so tasty. To my surprise, pickled green pepper and okra taste great too.

I planted okra seedlings in front of a big window facing south. I enjoy watching them grow and flower every day. I am curious if okra plants do not like to face south as most of them face east and west. The okra flowers look like they are peeking inside our house through the window. It is intriguing to see how the flowers become okra in no time.  

Thank you for the delicious vegetables. Please stay safe and healthy.

October 5, 2021 - Akane from NY  

I just received my first order by FedEx today. I ordered the Suzuki Value Set of produce. I am beyond impressed with the quality of the beautiful vegetables and herbs. I will be researching some of the recipes you have recommended on your website. I will definitely be ordering again.

Everything was carefully packed and very fresh. Thank you so very much. I have visited Japan seven times since my daughter went to college there and currently is teaching English as a Second Language at a private high school in Tokyo. I am missing being able to travel there, so this will be the next best alternative.

September 24, 2021 - Cathy Hogwads, OH  

Hello Suzuki Farm, I have ordered twice from you and both times it went really well and I love the vegetables. I would like to put another order in and have it delivered to my vacation house. The question is whether I can get it to arrive on Saturday July 10th? 

September 23, 2021 - David Lagnese from PA 

Suzuki Farm Comment: Yes, we can ship our vegetables to your selected address, not only to your house. Please select “Shipping Address” when you need to ship registered/default address.

I received beautiful vegetables this afternoon. It is still hot and humid in South Florida; over 30℃ on most days. I really appreciate that you kindly used the new wrapping material that was imported from Japan. Thanks to the plastic sheet, all the vegetables arrived in great condition.

Please take a look at the photos. I am thinking to clean the plastic sheet to reuse.

You must have hired young staff. I see many changes including frequent posting on social media and the enhanced website. Keep it up!

I am going to make pickles with the vegetables I received today. I appreciate your careful packing and delicious vegetables.

September 22, 2021 - MD from Florida

Thank you for your newsletter. I made pickles with the fresh mizu nasu from Suzuki Farm and some myoga from our garden. Such a beautiful summer combo!

I appreciate you continue harvesting the vegetables on these hot summer days.

August 26, 2021 - Miyudon from VA   

The vegetables arrived in good condition; no damage on the box. The vegetables look so yummy. I am looking forward to eating them. Thank you for your prompt and precise service.


August 5, 2021 - Yamaguchi from IA

Suzuki Farm Comment: We will do our best to deliver our vegetables in good condition. In summer, we will use iced bottle to keep them cool. In addition, we are planning to use freshness-keeping plastic sheet. The material is supported by one Japanese company, and it has already been admitted by FDA. We will keep on KAIZEN or improvements for our precious customers.

I used the Suzuki Farm's delivery service for the first time this month. Despite the warm weather in Florida, the vegetables arrived in perfect condition. I wasted no time cooking some traditional Japanese family dishes that were often served at high-end Japanese restaurants in America.

I have been married to my wife for almost 40 years. While we lived in New Jersey from 1980s to 2020, we enjoyed Japanese cuisine in Manhattan and its surrounding area. My wife who is a Latin American loves Japanese food so much. When we moved to a countryside in Florida last year, she was very disappointed that she would not have an easy access to Japanese food anymore. In addition, it is impossible for her to go on a trip or to eat out because of her health condition. 

In this situation, we found that we could order basic Japanese seasoning online and delicious Japanese vegetable at Suzuki Farm. Now my wife and I enjoy Japanese dishes at home! She loves Japanese TV programs, especially the ones introducing Japanese food on NHK WORLD. We used to visit Japan to enjoy the food there. She realized the delicious Japanese vegetables are the primal factor to the tasty foods. She says, "Japanese vegetables taste so good because Japanese people take a good care of them."

My wife and I greatly appreciate that Suzuki Farm offer tasty and fresh Japanese vegetables in the US. 

October 9, 2021 - Nakayama from FL