Red Shiso Leaf | Suzuki Farm | 1 bunch

0.5 lb

Red SHISO leaves have a unique aroma and reddish-purple color, with oval-shaped leaves featuring serrated edges. The natural hue of Red SHISO leaves is burgundy. Green SHISO leaves found in many Japanese restaurants are actually a variant of Red SHISO leaves.

The color of Red SHISO is attributed to a pigment called "anthocyanin." When mixed with acid, this pigment turns bright red, making Red SHISO leaves a popular choice for adding color to pickled plums "UMEBOSHI" and pickled ginger "BENI SHOGA." The leaves can also be salted or used for juice. To prepare, rinse the leaves thoroughly, rub them with salt, then squeeze out the excess water.

Red SHISO is a photoperiod crop, which means that it automatically develops flower buds and blooms when daylight hours become shorter. The bloomed stem "HANAHO" and stems with immature seeds "HOJISO" are both edible and add pomposity and splendor to any dish, with their good aroma. Many top chefs use them for banquets and delicacies.

At Suzuki Farm, we grow Red SHISO from June to September because they prefer high temperatures. Mr. Suzuki recommends drinking SHISO juice in the summer to prevent heat fatigue. Here are some tips to make the perfect SHISO juice: 1) Use half Green SHISO and half Red SHISO to achieve a perfect balance of color and aroma, and 2) After adding your favorite sweetener, don't forget to sprinkle a little sea salt and plenty of lemon juice to enhance the flavor and deliciousness. Keep it refrigerated and serve cold!