TEALIFE Pu-erh Tea | Suzuki Farm Select | 35 Tea Bags

0.39 lb

Whether you’re new to Pu-erh tea or already familiar with its amazing health and beauty benefits, this Sukkiri (refreshing) Pu-erh tea by TeaLife Japan is a great addition to your daily routine. Being rich in potent antioxidants and minerals and vitamins, this traditional fermented green tea from the Yunnan Province of China is known to help lower the bad cholesterol level, boost the immune system, promote weight loss, and reverse the signs of aging. TeaLife uses the high-pressure steam sterilization method and roasts the leaves at two different temperatures and blends them to achieve a rich and malty yet smooth, well-balanced flavor and aroma. It’s delicious hot or iced, suitable for cold brew as well. There are 35 eco-friendly, biodegradable pyramid tea bags per pouch.

For a perfect cup of tea, place 1 tea bag in 150-300ml of freshly boiled water, steep for just 30 seconds to 2 minutes and take out the tea bag. Can be steeped multiple times. For a large teapot (600-800ml), steep 1 tea bag for 5-15 minutes. For a refreshing cold brew, place 1 tea bag in a pitcher of water (1000ml) and let it steep overnight in the refrigerator and enjoy!

TeaLife Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company founded in Shizuoka Japan in 1983, with the mission to promote healthy lifestyle through a variety of high-quality products, such as healthy and functional teas, specialty food, and dietary supplements.

Count: 35 Tea Bags

Ingredients: 100% Pu-erh (Camellia sinensis) from China

Product of Japan