MOMO Yuzu Pepper Red (Yuzu Koshou) | Suzuki Farm Select | 2.5 oz

0.5 lb

Japanese Traditional Table Condiment - Perfect with sushi, steak. Only teaspoon amount gives spice and yuzu aroma. Add to your hotpot, noodles, soup and more!!

Yuzu pepper, often called "yuzu kosho," is a Japanese household condiment originated in Kyushu Island. It is a spicy chili paste just like wasabi; while wasabi is often used for fish, yuzu pepper is used for meats. You can spread small amounts of yuzu pepper on grilled chicken and vegetables, or with sashimi to replace wasabi. Red yuzu pepper is made with red chilis. 

INGREDIENTS: Red chili pepper, yuzu citrus, salt.


Refrigerate after opening