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Each box is a delightful medley of seven handpicked vegetables, carefully selected to reflect the vibrant flavors of the season. Say goodbye to the hassle of grocery runs and let us bring the bounty directly to your doorstep, precisely on your chosen delivery cycle. Whether you prefer a weekly, bi-weekly, every 3-week, or every 4-week rhythm, the power to decide is in your hands, offering flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

  • Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, every 3-week, or every 4-week delivery cycles
  • The more frequent your delivery, the greater your discount
  • Select your preferred delivery service provider (available in select areas)
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Please note: the discount will not be immediately reflected. Complete the transaction at the original price. Upon receipt of your order, we will adjust the price to 50% off and refund the difference within one or two business days.

What is Fresh Harvest?

FRESH HARVEST is a subscription service that delivers Japanese vegetables from Suzuki Farm to your home regularly. Each week, we carefully select an assortment of seven types of delicious seasonal vegetables to share with you. You can choose the delivery frequency to be weekly, bi-weekly, every three weeks, or every four weeks, with discounts available for higher frequencies.

The schedule of vegetables to be delivered by FRESH HARVEST will be announced on our website and social media channels by the end of the previous week. We also prepare a detailed list of the vegetables included in your box, so if there are any you’re unfamiliar with, please don’t hesitate to try them.

Furthermore, the concept of FRESH HARVEST is to provide you with delicious seasonal vegetables, not just the ones that look perfect. Even if they have some blemishes, as long as the inside is good, we will offer them at a great volume and price. We hope you will enjoy eating plenty of them.

Please experience our new service, FRESH HARVEST!!!

Using Our Services

  • Best Quality

    Peak freshness guaranteed. Veggies harvested and packed on the same day for ultimate flavor and nutrition.

  • Fresh Harvest

    Savor the essence of farm-fresh goodness with our curated selection, harvested on the day of shipment.
  • Auto Delivery

    Never run out of veggies again. Set your delivery cycle once and enjoy hassle-free, automatic replenishment.
  • Great Value

    Premium veggies, unbeatable value. The more frequent your delivery, the greater your discount.
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Learn more about our vegetables and discover fresh delights!

Frequently Ask Questions

When Will I Receive My Order?

Your order will be delivered according to the cycle you specified during sign-up.

Can I choose the vegetables?

We are afraid you cannot choose the vegetables in the Fresh Harvest Box. Our subscription concept is Farmer's Choice, allowing you to discover new vegetables each week! Plus, we share next week's Fresh Harvest Box contents on Facebook and Instagram in advance.

Are all the vegetables in a Fresh Harvest Box sourced exclusively from Suzuki Farm?

We will occasionally include non-Suzuki Farm produce, depending on the season and availability. Although we grow approximately 50 types of Japanese vegetables year-round, winter's cold limits our production. During these times, we supplement with U.S.-grown produce. We will keep you informed about these substitutions.

Do I need to place an order weekly?

No, you don’t need to place a new order each time! Your subscription will automatically generate new orders according to the delivery schedule you selected at sign-up, continuing until you cancel.

Can I add extra vegetables to my cart with the Fresh Harvest Box subscription?

Absolutely! They will be delivered separately from your Fresh Harvest Box.

Can I skip or cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can! You may pause or skip a future shipment under your subscription at any time. You can also cancel your subscription, with the cancellation taking effect before the next unprocessed order. For any requests or concerns, please contact us at

Do you deliver to my location?

We ship to the contiguous United States and Washington D.C., except for California. Your order will be sent via UPS, and you'll receive a shipment confirmation and tracking number once it ships. Unfortunately, we do not deliver to P.O. Box addresses. Alternatively, you can pick up your veggies at our farm: 38108 Contentment Ln, Delmar, DE 19940.