KUZEFUKU Matcha-Anko Spread with Butter | Suzuki Farm Select | 9.8oz *** Best Before 01.29.2023

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Who wouldn't like to try Matcha?

Made from delicious and sweet white beans, rich and creamy butter, and two different kinds of Matcha, this spread is a perfect starter of your day!

Besides enjoying it on toast in the morning, serve it as a topping for ice cream or in a sundae for your relaxing tea time at home.

KUZEFUKU's Matcha Anko Spread with Butter is a popular product in Japan under the well-known and respected brand Kuze Fuku & Co. This brand has been rising in popularity in Japan since its launch in 2013, and features thousands of unique and authentic gourmet foods and drinks crafted by regional producers spanning from the vast northern farmland of Hokkaido to the tropical islands of Okinawa.

INGREDIENTS: White bean paste (green beans, sugar, reduced starch syrup, agar, salt, sorbitol, carrageenan), Glucose (corn starch, potato starch, sweet potato starch), Water, Butter (milk), Matcha Paste (green tea), Glycine (trehalose, sodium gluconate, I-sodium tartrate, glycerin fatty acid esters, octenyl succinate starch, dextrin, salt), Matcha, Agar (sodium octenyl succinate starch, sucrose fatty acid esters), Salt, Phytic Acid, Agar