Genmai Gomoku Gohan | Suzuki Farm Select | 6oz *** Best Before 03.09.2023

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Quick, healthy and delicious high-performance food!!

Even when you are busy, "delicious" and "healthy" are indispensable elements. "Pack Gomoku Rice" is a high-performance brown rice that fulfills the three functions of "shortening time," "health," and "deliciousness." It's Gomoku rice, so you don't need side dishes, and the soup stock from shiitake mushrooms and burdock works well and is delicious. Since it uses organic brown rice that is rich in vitamin B and dietary fiber, it can be said that this one pack is close to a "complete diet" in terms of nutrients.

Microwave it for 90 seconds and it's done! It's also good for breakfast and lunch. National Rice Taste Analysis Appraisal Committee has given it the first place in taste!