Sencha Tea Bag | ENRICH Series by Sugimoto USA | 0.16 lb

0.16 lb

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Pyramid tea bags of premium Sen Cha are made of mostly young tea leaves harvested in spring. For all of our Sen Cha, we use a traditional steaming process called "Fukamushi" (Deep Steaming) to preserve flavor, fragrance, and color. 

20 Sen Cha pyramid tea bags in a resealable foil pouch. One tea bag is good for a 12 oz cup of tea. This economically-sized package can be used by tea drinkers for fresh daily enjoyment.

  • Ingredients: Tea Leaves (Deep Steamed) 
  • Net Weight: 2.1 oz (60g / 3g × 20) 
  • Package: Resealable Foil Pouch