Green & Red Shiso bunch | Suzuki Farm | 1.0lb

4.0 lb

Here is Shiso juice recipe which drink is amazing to get nutrition of Shiso (Green & Red), as well as to enjoy fragrant. Please try it!

SHISO Juice - 2 Gallon


Red & Green Shiso each 1 bunch, Brown sugar 0.5 cup, Honey 8oz, Lemon 2-3 pc, Sea salt 1/4 tablespoon


1: Prepare boiling water 2 gallon

2: Rinse Shiso bunches well with running water

3: Put Shiso into a boiled water and keep boiling for 5 minutes

4: After remove Shiso bunch, put brown sugar, honey, sea salt and lemon juice (please adjust as liking)

5: Cool well and enjoy!!!